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Moving to net zero will mean major changes to the way we all use energy. From updating heating systems in our homes and switching to electric vehicles, Electricity North West is here to help your understanding of these new technologies, with our free expert advice service.

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Save with Solar

Did you know the biggest gain comes from using the energy you generate? You could save up to £410 a year (at current energy prices). Call us for a chat, we are always happy to answer any of your questions. 

Plug, petrol, or both: Exploring Electric Vehicles

Curious about electric cars but have questions before you make the switch? Ask us. Today’s EVs offer an impressive range and an expanding charging network. Plus, with lower maintenance costs and government incentives, the transition is more accessible than ever. 

Heat Pumps: A Sustainable Home Solution

As more people seek eco-friendly home solutions, heat pumps provide efficient heating and cooling without relying on fossil fuels. Keep informed about this innovative technology and its potential benefits for your home.

Grant Funding

Our expert advisors keep up to date with grants and funding opportunities. Contact us for advice, and if needed, we can support you with low carbon applications. 

Confused by carbon,  baffled by solar?

Did you know Electricity North West hold regular low carbon events across the region, covering topics like solar and electric vehicles, exploring the technologies, discussing options and barriers as well as benefits and costs, and challenging myths. There are expert Q&A sessions so you can get answers to questions that are baffling or concerning you. Register your interest and we will keep you informed about what’s happening in your area.

What is a low carbon home?

A low carbon home produces and often stores its own energy, resulting in lower carbon emissions. Homes that have chosen to go low, are still able to keep warm, access hot water and power electrical items, but with a lower carbon footprint.

Smart Meters

We can tell you the facts, dispel any myths and help you make the right choices for your household.  

Talk to our experts and help shape your energy future.


Impartial advice on panels and batteries – cost installation, maintenance and help accessing grants. 

Let us help you shape your energy future.


We can tell you the facts, dispel any myths and help you make the right choices for your household.  

Talk to our experts and help shape your energy future.

Heat Pumps

We can tell you the facts, dispel any myths and help you make the right choices for your household.  

Let us help you shape your energy future.

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